Hello Beautiful & Welcome!


My name is Christine and I’m the practitioner behind Light of Re.

The journey to becoming a practitioner of the Feminine Healing Arts started two decades ago when I first trained as a Remedial Massage Therapist.

Over the years as I deepened my studies in bodywork, I also became a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Arvigo Maya Abdominal Practitioner & Spiritual Healing Practitioner.


These studies led me to the US and Europe, with London becoming my new home and where I established my private practice.

Then in the very early hours one night, I woke up hearing the words “Queen of Ra”. I had no idea what that meant at that time, but knew it meant something important. I spent the rest of that night researching it and came across words that resonated so deeply with me. Those words were “Light of Ra – remembering who you truly are”.

With my London practice growing, I was looking to create a business name. When those words ‘”Light of Ra (Re)” came to me, I intuitively knew that was to be the name of my business.


Soon afterwards I noticed the direction of my work changing. The majority of people that were now coming through my door, were women with concerns around their fertility and womb health.

To further support my clients, I spent the next couple of years training to become a certified Fertility Awareness Educator.

Over time I realised that Light of Re was a call to reconnect to the Divine Feminine. To bring the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine back into harmony. With my services based on honouring this call I noticed clients were experiencing deeper healing and transformations.


Then in 2018, I found myself on my own healing journey. After experiencing painful and restrictive symptoms throughout parts of my body and with no diagnosis, I had to stop working. (The full version of my healing journey is listed in Journals). With months passing by and still not being in any position to return to work, my partner and I made the decision to move back to Australia to further support my body to heal.

During this time, I continued exploring ways to nourish all aspects of myself (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual) to further help heal my body. Gradually my health began improving, I no longer had flare ups and symptoms were disappearing. Somewhere along the way I did finally received a diagnosis (autoimmune conditions) and therefore further fine-tuned ways to support the healing process.

Today my work is dedicated to supporting women heal and transform their lives as well. In additional to bodywork there are monthly Women’s Sacred Circles, workshops and I’m currently undertaking shamanic & esoteric studies.

All the services at Light of Re are intended to help you connect with your inner healer, wisdom, creativity and magic. For all that you’re seeking, can be found within yourself.

May you remember who you truly are ♡