Hi there!

My name is Christine, and here’s a little background into my journey to becoming a Women’s Reproductive Health Educator & Bodyworker.

I first realised my love of bodywork over a decade ago when I undertook advanced training in Remedial Massage. Soon afterwards, I began exploring beyond just the physical body, which eventually saw me graduating as a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist as well.

My intuition then led me to explore the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®. I enrolled in a self-care workshop and this turned out to be a real game changer for me. I left feeling inspired and empowered, yet at the same time pretty mad that as an educated woman I hadn’t known certain things about my body. I found myself questioning – why wasn’t I taught this at school?? Every woman should know this!

It became very clear that I both wanted and needed to be of service to women; and went on to become a Certified Arvigo® Practitioner (including Arvigo® Spiritual Healing) and a Fertility Awareness Educator.

I noticed deeper shifts within my clients as they began to reconnect with their bodies, and more specifically with their cycles. As much as my training in this area was to support other women, I realised that I too needed the work, and began my own journey into reclaiming my body and overall health.

You can say that I’m very passionate about empowering women. Integral to this is supporting us to reconnect with our bodies and cycles. Not only so we can make informed choices about our reproductive and sexual health but to realise our own innate power and wisdom!

My treatments are bespoke, honouring that each and everyone of us is a unique individual. I blend all the various techniques I’ve learnt over the years and work holistically – meaning that I work with all aspects of you – the physical, emotional and spiritual.

Aside from that, I love being out in mother nature – exploring as much of the world as possible together with my sweetheart. Oh, and I do love me some laughter – it really is the best medicine!

Blessed be.

Christine Miyo Camilleri – practitioner/owner of “Light of Re”.