Women’s Sacred Circles



I currently offer online gatherings timed with the New or Full Moon each month.

My intention is to create a healing and nurturing space where one feels like they’re coming home to themselves. To explore, re-wild, and connect with like-minded Sisters.

When we sit together in a space held with compassion and are truly witnessed, deep healing can occur.




*Sunday April 11th, 2021 (New Moon) – 7pm Sydney Australia | 10am London. (Via Zoom).
Theme: Aries New Moon/ Fire Element / New Beginnings (going within, to bring forth our creations).


BOOK HERE: Click the link below to purchase your tickets for the last gathering of the year. (Spaces are limited to keep the circle intimate.


Why during a New Moon?

The dark moon/ new moon is the end and beginning of a cycle. It’s a great time for manifesting and setting intentions for what we wish to call in.

It’s also a time where our shadow self can surface more readily, in order to be seen and healed.

What happens during a New Moon Circle?

Meditations (including working with chakra’s and Goddess archetypes)
Intention setting
Tuning into your own inner wisdom and intuition
Sharing (or not, totally up to you)

What these circles are not:

There’s no advice giving or fixing, as we all hold the answers and wisdom within. This is a safe space where we can show up as our authentic selves, and be truly seen and heard.