Fertility Awareness


Fertility Awareness (FA): is an empowering life skill where you learn to understand your body, cycles and it’s fertility signs. This “body literacy” can be used to avoid or achieve pregnancy, for health assessment and to help you make informed choices regarding your reproductive and sexual health.


Fertility Awareness Method (FAM): is a specific set of rules applied to measure and keep track of your primary fertility signs. Using the Symptothermal Method (STM), it relies on daily observations and recording of your three primary fertility signs:

  1. Basal Body Temperature (waking temperature)
  2. Cervical Fluid
  3. Cervical Position

These three signs together can help you pinpoint information about your cycle, such as when you’ve ovulated, the date of your next period, confirming pregnancy and gauging your reproductive health.


Is this the same as the Rhythm Method? No! The Rhythm Method is an outdated method based on past cycles to calculate and predict future cycles. FAM however is a scientifically proven, effective method that involves charting three primary fertility signs on a daily basis, so that one’s fertility can be accurately determined.

Advantages: FAM invites you to gain a deeper connection to your body and sexuality. You learn to trust your body, therefore feel in control regarding any decisions you need to make regarding your reproductive/sexual health. It’s a completely natural form of birth control, promotes conscious conception and encourages partner participation and intimacy.

Drawbacks: As a method of birth control, FAM isn’t for everyone. It is only appropriate for those who have the discipline to learn the method well, and then to follow the rules once they have internalised them. It also doesn’t protect against STD’s.


Consultations are available in person or via skype.