Pregnancy Massage:

From the first trimester through to the third trimester your body goes through many physical and emotional changes. Receiving a massage during your pregnancy may support you and your growing baby during each of those stages.

Aside from being nurturing and relaxing the massage also provides the space for you to connect with your baby.

During the last trimester I can teach your partner (whomever you wish to have as your birth support) some simple massage techniques that they can use to further support you during labour.

Postnatal Care:

“Closing the Bones Ceremony”:

This transitional time is an important rites of passage – you have left maidenhood and entered motherhood. In many cultures the family and community support the new mother, by providing her with nourishing warming foods, belly binding and regular massage. Unfortunately in most western cultures the mother doesn’t receive enough postnatal support, more focus needs to be brought into this important “fourth trimester”.

In honour of this, I offer “Closing the Bones” – a traditional Ecuadorian post-birth ceremony. During pregnancy the hips become wider and continue to widen in preparation for birth. Therefore this ceremony on a physical level works on bringing the pelvis back into alignment (to avoid pelvic instability issues). Energetically it is about bringing the energy that is expansive and outwards during pregnancy and labour, back inwards – into the mother. This nurturing ritual may involve the use of a Rebozo to gently rock the pelvis, and massage with specific strokes to stimulate the tissues and bones back to it’s former state, ending the session with some craniosacral work.


CST & Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is commonly recommended to help heal any birth trauma – for both mother and baby. Even if the labour went smoothly CST is great for resourcing you during this new period of your life. Maya Abdominal Therapy and it’s self care practices is a wonderful way to help facilitate the body’s return to it’s original and optimal positionings.