Prices @ The Mindful Studio – Cronulla:

Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®

Initial Consultation / 90 – 110 minutes / $160

Follow Up / 60 minutes / $110

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Adult / 60 minutes / $95

Babies/Children (up to 12 yrs) 45-60 minutes / $60

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) Consultations

60 minutes / $85

Package of 3 Sessions – $250. ( 1st consultation is for 1.5hrs, followed by 2 x 1 hour sessions). For anyone wanting to use FAM as a form of contraception must choose this option, if you are learning the method for the first time.

The first consultation involves learning about the different phases of your cycles, how to identify your fertile period and an introduction into charting your cycles. During the second consultation we go over your first chart of a full cycle together, as well as learning how to optimally use the information your cycle provides you (e.g. as a sign of your overall health). The final consultation involves going over your second full chart and any further questions you may have to ensure you can chart your cycles with confidence.

Massage: Remedial, Pregnancy & Postpartum

60 minutes / $100

90 minutes / $150